Longrow Red 11yo Pinot Noir Cask 2019

Longrow Red has become something of a phenomenon since it's first release in 2012. I was lucky enough to be in Edinburgh on release day this year and saw a couple of shops that had bottles; however they soon sold out as did online retailers. Longrow Red sells out very quickly every year, and has … Continue reading Longrow Red 11yo Pinot Noir Cask 2019

Springbank 10

Many distilleries like to give the impression that they're staffed exclusively by men from the 1800's who spend their days shovelling malted barley and stoking peat fires, before having away with a crafty nip of the end product at lunchtime, straight from the cask. In the days of health and safety and technology, the reality … Continue reading Springbank 10

Longrow NAS

No-age-statement bottlings can be a little contentious at times. Yes, a lot of them are fairly sub-standard and because of this it can be construed as slightly underhanded to put out a bottling without giving an idea of what's actually in the bottle. After all, the whisky industry spent enough time telling everyone how important … Continue reading Longrow NAS